Pipe insulation

Stop heat escaping with TONZON HR Lagging foil


Insulating central heating pipes is a simple, quick and inexpensive measure that will make your home more energy efficient. Central heating pipes already insulated with pipe insulation can still lose a lot of heat. Not only does traditional pipe insulation allow a lot of heat to escape, it is also difficult to apply to bends and joints. TONZON HR Lagging Foil is the solution to these problems.




Traditional pipe insulation

Traditional pipe insulation consists of a hollow tube, made of foam, fitted around the central heating pipes. The foam layer reduces heating of air around the pipe. This form of insulation can retain a lot of heat, but besides still heating the air, the pipes also lose heat through radiation. Insulated pipes are often more than 10 degrees warmer than their environment so, despite insulation, a lot of heat is still lost.

TONZON HR-Bandagefolie


TONZON HR Lagging Foil is a thin, strong foil that radiates almost no heat. It can easily be wrapped around pipes or stuck on in strips. It retains 95% of the heat radiated by piping. Combined with traditional pipe insulation, this prevents almost all heat loss from central heating piping.

In addition to its normal, central heating piping applications, Lagging foil can also be used on one-pipe central heating systems. In some buildings hot water circulates continuously. Lagging foil can also prevent heat loss from such systems. Another advantage of Lagging foil is that its use reduces the risk of legionella. Hot water pipes run alongside cold water pipes. The hot pipes can heat up the water in the cold pipes, allowing legionella to grow in the resulting lukewarm water in the cold pipes. Lagging foil is the ideal way of preventing this problem. How to apply Lagging foil yourself.



The effect


It’s difficult to determine exactly what the effective savings are. This depends on the extent to which the central heating pipes are used. In public buildings with one-pipe systems, in which hot water runs through the pipes day and night, the savings can be major - up to 50% when combined with other measures. The effect of pipe insulation is in any event always noticeable. The insulated pipes lose almost no heat, and this has two important effects. Firstly, the hot water arrives at the destination faster - and warmer, because the water does not lose heat. Secondly, the water returning to the boiler is also warmer, so the boiler has to work less. This not only ensures energy savings, the central heating boiler also lasts longer.


  • Reduce your heating costs
  • Increase the life of your boiler
  • The most people-friendly and environment-friendly solution
  • Increase the return on your investment

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