Cost of floor insulation

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On request, a customer will be put in touch with the nearest authorised TONZON installer. This installer visit and inspect the crawl space as a first step. This may reveal circumstances that will result in additional costs, on top of the base price. This will be clearly communicated to the customer. Below are the base prices for standard installation of the three-chamber Thermos Cushion.


Table of basic prices

Includes VAT and installation



Base prices


The above table shows the base prices for the delivery and installation of TONZON's complete floor insulation system, consisting of Thermos Cushions and Soi lFoil. Factors that increase the price include: poor access to the crawl space, a very low or very high working space, multiple compartments, multiple pipes and suspension brackets, (occasional) water in the crawl space requiring additional materials and, perhaps, working in two phases, etc. If the crawl space needs to be cleared, there will be additional costs for this. Depending on circumstances, the above base prices may vary.


Do It Yourself


Fitting the insulation material yourself can save signifcantly on costs. Note that working in the crawl space is often difficult. If you have the work done, you can be confident that the materials will be fitted properly and thus have optimum effect. Read more about insulating the crawl space. If you insulate the crawl space yourself, you assume responsibility for proper fitting. For self-installation you will need Thermos Cushions, Soil Foil and other materials for fixing and finishing. In most cases, the costs amount to approximately €17 per m². Find out how to insulate your crawl space yourself.


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