Floor with forced air heating

Enjoy big energy savings - install good insulation

With forced air heating, a lot of energy can be saved by installing good insulation. This is because the supply and return ducts in the forced air system often run through the crawl space. A side effect of this is that the floor is then cosy and warm, but it's not the only thing being heated.


Thermal image of crawl space

As mentioned above, the floor is not the only thing being heated. This is because the heating ducts heat the entire crawl space, including the soil floor and foundation walls. So a lot of energy is lost in warming up the crawl space. This is wasted heat that could add extra warmth to your home if good insulation was installed.
This is clearly seen in the thermal images, above. After insulation, the crawl space is a few degrees cooler. This means more heat is directed towards the floor and less heat is being lost.
On the right, you can see how the Thermos Cushions are attached to pass underneath the heating ducts.

How does TONZON insulation work?

TONZON Floor insulation utilises Thermos Cushions. These are air pockets made of reflective foil, with a high insulation value. The insulating effect comes from the motionless air in the chambers, which keeps heat close to the floor. The reflective film stops the radiation of heat, thus largely preventing heat loss. These air chambers can be easily fitted around the air heating ducts, so that they are completely enclosed by insulation. As a result, the air heating ducts lose almost no heat to the cold crawl space.

Benefits of TONZON insulation

There are two major advantages. Firstly, Thermos Cushions stop heat loss to the crawl space. After the Thermos Cushions are installed, the temperature in the crawl space is lowered by more than 3ºC. This means that more heat is being retained in the hot air ducts. The results are that the heating system needs to work less, heating of the home takes place faster, and there are high energy savings. The second advantage has to do with how the insulation is installed. Because the Thermos Cushions pass under the air ducts, they direct any available heat up towards the floor. The forced air heating therefore becomes more efficient at heating the floor. As a result, the thermostat can often be set slightly lower which, in turn, saves energy.

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