Roof insulation costs

Insulate your roof economically and easily with Thermos Cushions


The cost of insulating your roof with TONZON depends on the method you use. For the best insulating effect, however, it is better to construct a dry liner and insulate it using TONZON Thermosheets. This option involves a bit more work and investment, but it delivers the highest insulation value, both in summer and winter.


Prices, TONZON Thermos Cushions


Most TONZON Thermos Cushions are priced between € 6 and €12 per square metre. The costs depend on the width of the cushions and how far they need to overlap. With a system or wooden ceiling, the cushions are chosen to fit exactly and overlap at least 15 cm. It is recommended to use the widest possible cushions with a flat roof. For example, cushions 142 cm wide applied in strips 100 cm wide cost about €10 per square metre. The cost of fixing materials is additional, but this is often no more than one euro per square metre.

Prices, TONZON Thermosheets

The cost of the material required for a dry liner or suspended ceiling depends on the depth of the insulation layer and, thus, the number of layers. Most of the cost is made up by the TONZON Thermosheets themselves, which cost €3 per m². For 5 layers, the price is about €18 per m²; for 6 layers it is €23 per m². Added to this are the costs for the wooden battens and finishing (e.g. with plasterboard). Read more here about prices.



Labour costs


If the work is being done by a contractor, you will have to add labour costs. These vary from contractor to contractor. Construction of a dry lining wall or a floating ceiling is a lot more labour-intensive than just hanging the Thermos Cushions. The choice of finish will also significantly affect the price. Installing the plasterboard itself is not that expensive, but if a plasterer is involved, the costs become a lot higher.

Quote for TONZON Roof Insulation

We do not currently offer this service to individuals, but contractors that work with TONZON insulation materials are available nationwide. For larger projects, however, please contact us for a tailor-made quote.



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