Cost of wall insulation

The cost depends on the area of the wall and the thickness of the insulation layer



The cost of TONZON Wall Insulation depends on the area of the wall and the thickness of the insulation layer. Assume about €4.50 per m² per layer of insulation material. For 10 cm thick insulation the cost is about €18 per m². For an insulation layer 12 cm thick the cost is €23 per m². Also take into account additional costs for battens and hammer-in plugs, finishing the wall, and labour costs if a contractor is engaged.


Required materials


The materials you need to make a dry liner cannot all be obtained from us. However, we can supply everything you need for the insulation aspect:


Additional materials are also required for the battens:

  • Battens (2cm thick)
  • Plugs (6-8 cm long)


and finishing, for example:

  • Plaster or tempex boards
  • Plasterwork or wallpaper
  • Paint


Cost of insulation material


The bulk of the cost of the insulation material is Thermosheets, at around €3 per m². The Thermosheets should always be a little bigger than the wall, so count on about €3.50 per m² per layer. Added to this is the cost of cold bridge breakers and foil glue. Roughly speaking, this is about €1 per layer. These materials total about €4.50 per layer, per m². If you want a depth of 10 cm (i.e. 4 layers of Thermosheet), the cost would be €18 per m², while for 12 cm (i.e. 5 layers) the cost is €23 per m².

To this should be added the cost of the battens and plugs for making the batten framework. The number of battens needed depends on how many cold bridge breakers you use. We recommend using two layers of cold bridge breakers per layer of battens. This ensures the highest insulation value and the lowest cost, while maintaining the strength of the structure.


Wall insulation quote

We do not currently offer this service to individuals, but contractors that use TONZON insulation materials are available nationwide. For larger projects, however, please contact us for a tailor-made quote.


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