Insulating wooden floors

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Wooden floors are common in the Netherlands. It is often said that the best way to renovate these floors is to replace them with concrete. Don't do it! Wood is a very durable material and a lightweight floor construction material. A properly-insulated wooden floor will certainly be as comfortable as a concrete floor. In fact, there are many advantages to wooden floors.



The advantages of a wooden floor insulted with TONZON

TONZON's unique insulation process makes old wooden floors as comfortable as new floors. Because wood is a light material, it feels as if you're walking on an insulated surface. Your feet don't lose heat to the wooden surface, which creates a warm, cosy feeling. Concrete and stone absorb a lot of heat, which is why the heat from your feet disappears into the floor. So well insulated, wooden floors often feel warmer than concrete floors.

The other advantage of wood is also a function of its light weight. Because wood itself stores little heat, a wooden floor heats up very quickly. When you turn on the heating, a wooden floor reaches the required temperature very quickly, while a concrete floor takes longer.

The TONZON approach


TONZON insulates the entire crawl space. The dual-system floor insulation, consisting of Soil Foil and Thermo Cushions, ensures the warmest, driest floor and reduces energy costs. TONZON is also the best insulation material for extending the life of your floor.

TONZON Soil Foil is used to cover the floor of the crawl space and prevent moisture from entering this space. As a result, the wood dries out, preventing wood rot and making the floor last longer. This is an important step in the process.

When the floor is completely dry, it is time to apply the insulation. TONZON Thermos Cushions are attached directly to the wooden beams. This is easily done with staples. The Thermos Cushions stop heat loss from the floor, keeping the floor much warmer. The Thermos Cushions contain motionless air. This air is warmed by the floor and fills the top of the space, retaining the heat as close as possible to floor.

Read more about how we approach crawl space insulation.


My home doesn't have a crawl space. Now what?


If there is no crawl space, it is possible to insulate your floor from above with TONZON.
Insulating on top of a wooden floor is absolutely not recommended. Placing the insulation above wooden beams will make them colder, allowing the humidity in the wood to rise, with unpleasant consequences.

So the insulation can only be placed under the wooden floor. This often does requires most of the flooring to be removed. If one can get to the floor’s crossbeams, TONZON can simply be fitted between the beams. The effect is exactly the same as if the insulation was applied from within the crawl space.

It is also possible to insulate your wooden floor yourself. Otherwise, request a free quote below and have one of our trusted installers inspect your crawl space.


  • The most people-friendly and environment-friendly solution
  • Prevents wood rot
  • A warm, dry floor
  • Stops moisture, mould and dust mites
  • With 10-year warranty

Experience the comfort of a well insulated floor



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