Cold floor

- resulting in cold feet


Do you find that you often have to wear thick socks at home? Do you turn on the central heating only to put your feet up on a side table close to the radiator? Or do you put your feet on the couch when sitting on it? Cold floors mean cold feet - one of the biggest reasons people don't feel comfortable at home. Many people think that underfloor heating is the only solution, but even that often doesn't solve the cold feet problem. TONZON solves cold floor problems, significantly improving living comfort.


No underfloor heating, no floor insulation - and cold feet?


Good floor insulation ensures that heat is not lost to the cold ground below, but stays in the floor, resulting in a warmer floor. Measurements show that floors isulated with TONZON are, on average, 2 to 3ºC warmer. You'll notice the difference! Read more about our floor insulation.

You’ve installed underfloor insulation, but your feet are still cold?

Do you already have good floor insulation, but still have a cold floor? If so, draughts could be the problem - cold air moving across the floor. Often the cause is a poorly insulated sliding door, or windows that extend to the floor. One solution for this is to replace the windows and frames with better insulated alternatives. Another cause can be un-insulated walls and open connections between the living areas and less heated, or unheated, areas - for example a hallway or kitchen.


Underfloor heating - but still cold feet?


Underfloor heating does not always ensure a warmer floor. One of the main reasons for this is poor insulation. This is because underfloor heating not only heats the floor, but also the ground and foundation beneath it. Heat always flows from high temperature areas to those at a low temperature. If the ground is very cold, most of the heat from the underfloor heating will therefore migrate to the ground, rather than staying in the floor. Good floor insulation stops unnecessary warming of the ground below, allowing more heat to enter and stay in the floor. This not only ensures a warmer floor, but also an economical energy bill. Read more about floor insulation and underfloor heating.


Experience the comfort of a well insulated floor



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