Insulating a concrete floor



Currently, most floors are made of concrete, of which there are many variants, such as waffle floors, hollow-core, etc. Whatever the construction, it is always wise to incorporate floor insulation somewhere in the structure. With existing floors, there are only two options: on top of the floor or underfloor, via the crawl space.




The best way to insulate a concrete floor

Concrete is a solid material with a high heat capacity., i.e. it absorbs a lot of heat. It is advantageous that it retains heat longer, but it also takes more time and energy to heat up the entire concrete floor. Insulating above the floor prevents heating of the concrete. Insulating underfloor actually warms up the floor structure. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. With TONZON Floor Insulation, both options are possible, but our preference is to insulate the crawl space.

Insulating from above


Insulating above the floor means you have limited space for the insulation material. You have to consider the height and finish of the floor. To achieve a good insulation value, you will need insulation thickness of about 10 cm. In most cases, this is not possible. Furthermore, it means removing and refitting the floor finishing layer. So there is more to it than just insulation work. We recommend choosing this option only if insulating under the floor is not possible.

Discover how to insulate a floor from above with TONZON.


Insulating the crawl space


The advantage of insulating within the crawl space is that there is often enough space for a thick insulation layer. The more insulation and the higher the insulation value, the higher the energy savings will be. With the TONZON floor insulation system, you can insulate the entire crawl space. Soil Foil covers the bottom of the crawl space. This is a moisture-resistant sheet, which stops moisture rising from the soil. While Thermos Cushions, mounted against the underside of the floor, stop heat loss from the floor to the crawl space. This is a proven and trusted system, installed in crawl spaces in the Netherlands for more than 40 years.

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