How does it work?

What makes TONZON so effective?

TONZON thermos cushions insulate more effectively than other underfloor insulation materials, such as wool, polyurethane foam and EPS (polystyrene), which constantly lose heat in a downwards direction. Thermos cushions prevent this heat loss.

Climate efficient

What are the benefits of TONZON?

Due to its different technology, TonZon increases comfort and energy savings more than other types of floor insulation. TonZon technology was introduced in 1980 and the technology has remained effective over a very long period.

Nieuwbouwwoningen verbruiken te veel gas, waarom is dat?

Can I order TONZON for new-build home?

New-build homes mostly have favourable energy labels. Yet it turns out that many of these homes use much more gas than expected.

the pioneer in insulation

In 1980, we developed a revolutionary insulation method. Yes, the Dutch company TONZON had, in effect, made the Thermos flask flexible! TONZON Floor insulation is the first insulation system that doesn't involve the transport and sale of air! TONZON's insulation material is foldable. Thanks to this unique technology, higher insulation values are achieved, while using less space.

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Your contribution to a
greener future

Sustainability is at the core of everything we develop and install. And our entrepreneurial spirit drives us to keep improving our products - every, single day. Our technology is therefore always top notch. In today’s world, climate change is an ever-increasing problem. TONZON is committed to working towards a better environment, in a customer-focused way.

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The secret of our insulation method

We invented foldable insulation material. The required air is only trapped in the Thermos cushions at the destination. TONZON became known in the Netherlands as the pioneer in floor insulation, because of these Thermos cushions. But today we insulate pre-walls, roofs, radiators and even bathtubs on the principle of the Thermos flask.

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Insulate your home efficiently

Do you want to start insulating your home #On target today? A well-insulated house is more comfortable - and saves energy. Our high-quality materials reduce your home’s heat loss and energy bills, while contributing to a better environment. Insulate your home #On Target. Use TONZON.

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