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Radiators radiate heat not only into rooms, but also to the walls. A lot of heat therefore disappears, unused, into the wall, requiring more central heating. This, in turn, consumes more energy than is actually needed. TONZON invented radiator foil that can be stuck to the back of the radiator itself. TONZON HR Radiator Foil performs invisibly and effectively. The radiator foil can be applied with double-sided tape or super magnets. As a result, heat will no longer dissipate into the wall and energy consumption will be reduced. How to apply radiator foil in 3 different ways. The images below show the difference between radiators with and without TONZON HR Radiator Foil.



Effect of radiator foil


Radiator foil stops unnecessary heat loss from radiators. As a result, the radiator's heat is used more efficiently, to heat the room. Despite the foil on the radiator, the air behind the radiator is still heated. The advantage delivered by the radiator foil is that less energy is now needed to achieve the same temperature in the room. The effect of mounting radiator foil on the wall (the traditional method) is almost the same, but there are other drawbacks to this. Read more about the difference between radiator foil on the wall vs. on the radiator.

The effect of radiator foil can clearly be seen in the thermal images, above. The first thermal image shows that the wall behind the radiator is heated to about 30 degrees. Even if this wall is insulated, a lot of heat is lost here, as this heat escapes through the wall to the exterior. After radiator foil is installed, heat radiation to the wall stops almost completely. The wall is now at about 20 degrees, equal to room temperature, so there is hardly any additional heat loss.


reasons for using TONZON HR Radiator Foil


Milieu Centraal assumes a saving of 10 m3 of gas per m2. Even with a well-insulated wall, this is still a good investment due to the low price of radiator foil. This product is one of the most climate-efficient inventions. The energy required for raw materials, production and transport is so limited that it is offset by lower energy consumption during central heating over a period of a few winter days. TONZON HR Radiator Foil is therefore also the perfect, sustainable gift for Saint Nicholas, Christmas and birthdays. Incidentally, the radiator foil can be used with all types of radiators, including those in front of windows and underfloor convectors. Start saving energy the smart way. TONZON HR radiator foil is also available at Gamma and Karwei. Read more about optimising the rest of your central heating system with TONZON here.



  • Smart energy saving
  • Works invisibly
  • The most people-friendly and environment-friendly solution
  • Fast payback
  • Requires little material

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Frequently asked questions

Collected here for your convenience

The 50-centimetre-wide radiator foil can be used to insulate normal radiators. De luxe radiator foil is thicker, and therefore more expensive. There are no differences in quality. De luxe foil can be used when the foil remains in view and a more attractive surface is desired. This foil is also used for blinds, to reflect the sun’s rays back outside, as short-wave radiation, so that no heat builds up in the interior.


Yes! If the central heating system has been installed first and insulation measures have only been taken later, most radiators will have overcapacity. Convector ribs can then be ignored and the radiator back can be completely covered with the foil. Should the radiator still give off too little heat, the following solution can be applied. Stretch the foil from left to right over the ribs, leaving the vertical channels open-ended. As the top of the radiator is always the warmest, it is advisable to still apply a strip of foil to the remaining part of the radiator, at the top. Lagging foil can also be used for this purpose.

View a video on how to install radiator foil on a ribbed radiator here.


TONZON HR Radiator Foil is white on one side and silver on the other. It is often used for interior sun protection, but can also be applied to the back of the radiator. The white side then faces inside and the silver side faces the wall. This foil can also be used for radiators that face windows and is also available entirely in silver.

View TONZON Radiator Foil here.


Yes! An underfloor convector can be made more effective by improving insulation, both in the inside of the underfloor convector and on the outside, from the crawl space. The outside of the underfloor convector can be insulated in the crawl space using TONZON thermos cushions, in the same way as a bathtub. The inside of the underfloor convector can be lined with TONZON radiator foil. The underfloor convector should only be heating air, not its own surfaces. If you do not want the radiator foil to be visible from inside the room, only insulate the areas inside the underfloor convector that cannot be seen from the room.