The story behind TONZON

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TONZON is the inventor of an insulation technique that uses the air that's available everywhere. The air required for insulation is only trapped in the material at the destination. It's as if we've made the Thermos flask flexible! TONZON is best known in the Netherlands as the pioneer in floor insulation, with its Thermos Cushions. Today, however, dry liners, roofs, radiators and even bathtubs are also being insulated according to the principle of the Thermos flask.


Our mission

How we work

TONZON is a revolutionary insulation company that works proactively, collaborating with customers to deploy the right product for every type of building. We ensure that TONZON insulation is always professionally installed, while constantly looking for opportunities to innovate new solutions. Our wide range of available insulation solutions plays a major role in this approach. Together with our trusted partners, we provide expert advice and ensure the best solution.

Our team members work on the development and applications of TONZON insulation solutions with passion, every day. Our goal is a green future.

Our history

The story behind TONZON

The company was founded in 1980 by the inventor of a new insulation technology, A.J.M. (Ton) Willemsen. Today he is still the CEO of the company. TONZON has established a network of local installation companies and specialist craftsmen. This keeps travel costs down and allows for no-obligation quotations. While customers can be confident of quality work carried out by independent, local contractors who are members of a national network of trusted specialists.

Sustainable Tuesday

Minister Plasterk presents the Sustainable Ribbon to Ton Willemsen, inventor, founder and CEO of TONZON B.V., on Sustainable Tuesday, 3 September 2013.

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Important milestones

TONZON at a glance

The beginning

TONZON was founded by Ton Willemsen, inventor of a new insulation technique

Sustainable Tuesday

Minister Plasterk presents the Sustainable Ribbon to Ton Willemsen, inventor, founder and CEO of TONZON

Energy-neutral living

Ton Willemsen in conversation with Minister Stef Blok, Deputy Theo Rietkerk, and Councillor Hans van Agteren

Looking to the future

TONZON continues to evolve its products to provide its customers with sustainable comfort

The company

A look behind the scenes

TONZON is, as far as we know, the first manufacturing company to supply all of its own electricity needs. Already in 2016, its solar roof panels produced more power than the company consumed. The rest of the roof is covered with moss. Moss captures particulate matter from the air, limits global warming, and provides a safe nesting site for oystercatchers. A vegetable garden has been created on the factory site, for the staff.

Our vision

An eye to the future

Climate change is an ever-increasing problem in today's world. TONZON is committed to working towards a greener environment in a customer-focused way.

TONZON's products contribute to a healthier living environment. The company aims to install its innovative insulation technology in buildings suitable for the most effective insulation method within the next ten years.


The TONZON effect

Ton Willemsen with Minister Stef Blok, Deputy Theo Rietkerk, and Councillor Hans van Agteren

This is what we
stand for


Thanks to TONZON's versatile insulation methods, buildings can retain heat in the most efficient way possible. As a result of our flexible technology, even the installation process takes up less space. Which illustrates how we work to achieve the most effective result, in the most efficient way.



TONZON - pioneer of a revolutionary insulation method.

Sustainability is the essence of everything we develop and install. While our entrepreneurial spirit drives us to keep improving our products, every day. Our technology therefore always defines the state of the art.



TONZON works on the basis of personal contact with clients, collaborating with them on the intrinsics that make each project unique, in order to find the most customer-oriented solution. We remain in contact throughout the installation process. As the availability of expert advice from within the company is central to our process. It's how we build partnership with clients and contractors, creating a trusting relationship between all parties involved.

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