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Climate impact

The most sustainable option is often hard to find


Climate efficiency is a concept to which too little attention is paid. While increasingly more people are talking about the climate crisis - and the solutions that need to be found. Everyone is expected to contribute and to think more about climate impact, which affects everyone. However, it can be difficult to make the right choices, as there is much variation, and sometimes conflict, in the available information. If climate impact is important to you, TONZON is always a good choice. Because TONZON products are among the most climate-efficient available.

Climate efficient

Climate costs versus climate benefits

An insulation measure is climate efficient when the climate costs incurred are quickly covered and climate benefits result. The amount of energy required to produce, transport and install a material affects the climate efficiency of that material. We cannot therefore accurately state that all insulation materials are good just because they all save energy once installed. In independent research, TONZON materials were rated best, as they often return a net, positive climate impact within just a few months of operation. Other insulation materials can take years to return a real, net climate gain.


Why are TONZON products so climate-efficient?


TONZON products are all based on a unique, thin foil. This foil means that a TONZON insulated home benefits from outstanding insulation, with the use of extremely little insulation material. The use of less material means low energy costs in production, installation and - mainly - also in transport. As a result, a minimum of road transport is required, and the environmental impact caused by manufacture and transport is covered within a few months after installation. As trucking does not play a major role in the installation of our products, energy costs, as well as nitrogen and particulate emissions, are minimised. No trucks also means less inconvenience in the often narrow streets of city centres.

NIBE research shows that factors like this result in TONZON products having the lowest environmental impact of all insulation materials. Which is why our invention, the Thermos Cushion, is the only floor insulation product to have been awarded the quality mark for sustainable construction.

Our unique approach to insulation techniques mean you can be confident that TONZON is always your best choice in terms of low climate impact. While we continue to optimise our processes, every day, to ensure that we are always at the forefront when it comes to insulating and living in a climate-efficient way.



Many manufacturing processes are based on making as much material as possible, in the shortest possible time, at the lowest possible financial cost. This may be 'efficient', but not for the climate. However, increasingly more companies are making their production processes climate-efficient, for example by switching to green energy, and using recycled materials - as TONZON does. Our entire production process runs on self-generated solar energy.


Transport is a major source of pollution, in terms of both greenhouse gas and nitrogen emissions. Trucks pollute our living environment daily, and cause traffic congestion. So a choice for locally-manufactured, Dutch products, is already a contribution towards reducing climate impacts. Products that are light in weight and small in volume require less transport, with lower transport costs. This is where TONZON foils excel. They are extremely light, foldable, and therefore don't require transport by truck.


While a particular insulation material may require few raw materials to manufacture, and while it may weigh very little, it may still be far from climate-efficient. Installation or processing may create a lot of pollution or require a lot of energy. Consider, for example, insulation materials that are sprayed, using polluting HFC gases. This installation process has a huge environmental impact. TONZON foils, on the other hand, can be applied using simple fixing methods, which do not require a lot of energy or create large amounts of waste.


An important aspect of climate efficiency


Sustainability is an important aspect of climate efficiency. Materials that have to be frequently replaced create additional production, transport and installation costs. While products that last longer have a lower impact on the climate. So it is also important to consider the expected lifetime of a product. Insulation has to be effective for decades, which is why our products are designed to last for decades. Our Thermos Cushions therefore also carry a standard, 10-year guarantee. However, studies have shown that Thermos Cushions will last much longer than that. In some cases, no trace of ageing was found - after 32 years!


Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

Every product eventually has a limited lifetime, and this includes TONZON products. In this context, not all our products are recyclable, but that does not mean they are not circular. As TONZON products use very little raw material and create very little waste, their climate impact at end-of-life is also low. In this regard, the materials used in TONZON insulation are even more circular than partly-recyclable materials that require more raw materials during manufacture and produce more waste. Further, the entire TONZON floor insulation system is nevertheless 98% recyclable, putting it head and shoulders above the competition.

Your contribution

Everyone is expected to do their bit, but what can you actually do as an individual? The basis of energy-efficient living is good home insulation. Insulation keeps heat inside your home, so you you use less central heating. Moreover, good insulation makes for a healthier and more comfortable home. Even small interventions, like applying radiator foil, or insulating heating pipes, add up to a big step towards lowering your energy consumption and costs.

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